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PropertyOfZack had the chance to sit down with Andy Hull form Manchester Orchestra just last week for an incredible interview. Andy and I discussed their recent touring, leaving Columbia Records, possibly releasing a new album under a different band name, the next Bad Books record, Right Away, Great Captain!, a collab with The Dear Hunter, and so much more. Read up, it’s one of our best interviews ever!

Manchester Orchestra is past the half-way mark of its fall headlining tour with The Dear Hunter and White Denim. How have the shows been?
Really cool. This is the first tour we’ve had in a while that has had very little radio on it. We’re not promoting a single or anything, so these shows have been kind of DIY in terms of who’s coming to see us play. There aren’t any random dudes coming because they heard our song on the radio and heard we were playing. It’s pretty concentrated and the crowds are really cool and intense.
POZ: And the turnout has been good regardless of no radio support?
Andy: For sure. I think The Dear Hunter and us have some duel fans, but it’s not like the Cage The Elephant tour.

This is the band’s third and final big US tour of the year. And before this run, you guys were of course out on the 2011 Honda Civic Tour with blink-182 and My Chemical Romance. What was it like playing to crowds those size every night?
I don’t know. It’s not the most fun you have on tour, playing to 10,000 people who don’t give a shit. The people were really kind on the tour though. It’s one of those things you do as a band. We got super tight because we weren’t shooting the shit with fans. It wasn’t our core audience obviously. If we can get in front of that many people and turn some people onto it then we can’t ask for anything else.

Fans were beyond stoked to see Manchester on such a large bill, but also concerned about how others would react. Do you the tour was worth it?
I think so. I don’t understand when fans say that. I understand why fans wouldn’t go to the show, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t want more people to dig it.
POZ: Would you be open to something like that again?
Andy: I don’t know, if it fit. It was the pop-punk 13 year old in me. I couldn’t turn down doing two weeks with blink-182. It would’ve been sacrilege. It was a good experience.

Everything this here has been in support of Simple Math. Are you happy with the reception to the album seven months later?
I think it’s a growing album, so I’m not sure if I’ve even wrapped my head around it. I kind of change my views consistently on it. I’m really proud of it and I’m interested to see what happens between this gap and the next Manchester record.

Mean Everything To Nothing did have a little success on radio. Has it been stressful trying to reach that again? Or was it not something you were necessarily expecting?
No, I didn’t feel any of that. I didn’t feel I had to write another single. Mean Everything To Nothing was definitely more immediate. This record is slow-burning. That comes with time.

Have fans been continuing to get into the album in the live setting as the months go on?
Absolutely. The difference between this tour and the Cage tour is that they’ve had time to sit with it now. It’s really grown and it’s cool.

What’s the set list predominately like on this tour?
We’re playing several songs from each record. It’s tough with three records. Now we have so many Manchester songs between what’s leaked and b-sides. It’s hard to play everything.

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